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Monday, November 2, 2009

Still Lousy Internet

No picture today again. Sorry.
However here is the latest on life around here.
Last Wednesday had me in the rain for a couple of hours at a nearby auction, bidding on a tractor Marty was interested in. I was shocked to actually get it! So, hubby is happy as a pig in mud with the new acquisition which will be most handy around the property. The best part is all it needed was a new battery. Pics to follow.

Thursday had Jacob and I in line, out in the cold drizzle for hours waiting for the H1N1 shot (yes the family does fall into the high risk categories on a number of fronts). The part that burns me the most is that there were empty tables and too many nurses about not giving shots which would have facilitated a more respectful movement of people, which by the way were not in great shape to begin with. The woman behind me was in a wheelchair and on oxygen and was concerned she would run out before the whole mess was over with. Too much paperwork too. Someone was not thinking when they planned(?) this out. Enough said.

Friday had me flat on my back with fever and I was so stiff and sore I could barely move.

Saturday I was fine and back to trying to catch up on three days lost.

Yesterday had my old school chum from too many years back to count arriving by train. YAY! A week and girl time. How can you top that?

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