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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Party For Four

It's a quiet new year's eve, just family and the traditional lunch meat, veggies and dip, cookies and punch. We watched a movie (Martian Child; liked it) and now I am off to bed. That means the guys can turn to more guy-type entertainment. You know, the movies with things that explode, etc.

We're still busy with the floors and today Marty and Joshua headed off for the makings of a "new" bathroom. The upstairs bath is in need of some serious updating and the sale at Home Depot was just too good to pass up. Naturally they didn't have what was in the flier in Brockville so they went to Cornwall instead. Once the flooring is done (studio is tricky as there are stairs and other things that need to be dealt with) he will start on the bathroom. Too exciting. I'm almost more excited about this than the floors. You don't notice walking around in plywood after a while, but a freshly re-done bathroom, that's tops.
~the lights above are a funky string that Joshua found at Goodwill the other day, half price! Very entertaining for $1.50

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