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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Season's Greetings!

I hope everyone had a nice, pleasant Christmas and that you are all cozy at home enjoying the lull after all the activity that got the holidays rolling. We enjoyed a very relaxed day together as a family. Nice to have the boys home for a few weeks.
Odelia was somewhat confused by the activity but was very happy with her Christmas gift, a small Turnip. The other two dogs got smaller pieces of Turnip.
Once Odelia found a box of her own she was very happy to carry it about all day, before totally shredding it.
We have had a full range of weather over last week of so. Mild days, bitter cold and mild again. The Hoar frost was beautiful. As things warmed up on the ground, the frost rather "climbed" the trees before disappearing.
Boxing day we stayed put and were happily housebound while everything was covered with ice from the freezing rain.
Sunday afternoon, Marty got back to it and continued with the installation of the flooring. The dogs were very curious about the new changes. Odelia has another box and her tire. She's not too good at sharing. As I write this my studio is upside down and the flooring and trim is done in the room with the new closet, the back entry and the guest room. No more plywood to walk on. It only took five years to get this far.


Carmi said...

I just love Odelia updates!

Susan Williamson said...

A turnip for Christmas? That's hilarious. I'm going to give one to Lily!
P.S. I'm with Carmi. The Odelia updates are always special.

Sheila said...

Our rabbit loves turnip too. She prefers cooked to raw but will eat both. Odelia is so adorable.

Denise said...

Ummm, where is Marty's head...it seems to be an important part of the photo...then again...lol denise


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