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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Renovation Satisfaction

On the main floor of our hosue was a little room that was once an office. We used it to store the freezer and tools etc. while working on other parts of the house. We called it the junk room. Most appropriate.
I had in mind a proper closet and broom cupboard as well as shelves to put the bins on, so finding hats and mitts would be easy for everyone.
Here it is. All that's left is to get doors for the closet part of the installation. I borrowed and idea that my good friend Sue used in her kitchen. She attached old cutlery for handles on her cabinets. I used old silver plate spoons for the broom cupboard doors.

Next big job, flooring.


Sheila said...

Looks wonderful, you can never have enough storage.

Ronna said...

Nice job!

CathWren said...

I love home improvement projects and I am so admiring your lovely new closet! A much better use of space and so organized.

Happy Holidays!


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