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Saturday, December 12, 2009

When You Think You Know What's Going To Happen...

A quick not here to let you folks thinking of Marty yesterday, his scheduled date for surgery. Well it got canceled at the last minute. So, it will be next week hopefully when we know what will happen next. Really messes with the a lot of things we had planned around it.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Don't you just love the bird cage "memo board" (Odelia ate the clothespins that came with it.) above. I got that on-line and the lovely candle sconce above came from Winners.


Susan Williamson said...

That bird cage memo board is fabulous. I want to Photoshop something into it.

Katy said...

Hello! I got one of these for Christmas. My mom got it from a gift shop here in my town. Would you mind telling me where you bought yours online? Several people have seen photos of mine and are interested. Thanks!


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