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Monday, January 11, 2010


I got up with grand plans for the day and the rest of my week. The boys are both back at school are ready to go. However there is a vote this Wednesday to determine if the college teachers across Ontario will be striking.

I was out early to take Marty to work so I could run a few errands and returned home to find I needed to go out again as the aforementioned husband had forgotten his computer at home.

Then Aaron's computer arrived, in a large damaged box, with no packing materials in it. Now that's no way to ship electronic equipment! Marty is working that one out.

My lunch got overdone and is somewhat inedible and we wont even go into the mess I found at the back door upon arriving home in the first place. Some days those furry friends of ours are a little less lovable than others.

So, I hope that your week is off to a much better beginning then mine. I'm going now to see if I can salvage what remains of my day.

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