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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Half Price Days

When I was in to pick up the lovely dress on the previous post, I was one of the first in the store when they opened. A rather neat feeling as normally I avoid half-price days. A crush of humanity and long line-ups do not appeal to me.

The purse reminded me of one my mom had when I was little. The vinyl covered dictionary must have been a very stylish way for a young woman to keep her "words" handy.
However, with a little elbow room, it made for a pleasant stroll about and there were a few little treasures to pick up for pennies.

The lovely little tin is from Holland, the beads made of glass, the Lozenge tin truly funky with separate compartments for each cough drop. (Don't you love the way they spelled "liquid"?)
The tiny Toby jugs are missing their handles so they were super cheap but will look good in some future assemblage.

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