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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lovely Find

I was out last week with a friend and of course you cannot go through Brockville without checking out the Goodwill. After all, the stuff goes out hourly. Apparently there was a bridal shop that cleared out old stock and there were several containers loaded with wedding gowns for sale.
When I am there with the boys, for some reason they have no interest in looking at wedding gowns. Go figure. Well, we two girls enjoyed going through them and reminiscing about our own wedding dresses, tucked safely away at home.
This particular dress caught my eye as it was so beautifully created and didn't look at all like the other dresses all covered with lace and beads and the like. It was all silk and the tag said "Made in Ireland." The original price tag was still there too. $300 certainly dates it a bit.

I went back a day later for their half price sale and picked it up (only $35). It fits my old mannequin beautifully and dresses up the centre room so nicely.

Here is a peek at my own dress back in 1984. It resembles a picture of a "Priscilla of Boston" that I saw in a Bridal magazine.


Anonymous said...

Love that dress Jen!! Absolutely stunning!! Definitely a find!

Jenny said...

You look super lovely in your wedding dress. The vintage dress is gorgeous.


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