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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Bathroom Bliss

Not the most exciting room in the house but well-used nonetheless. Here is a shot of the "before" state of affairs. The shower hadn't been well installed and the oak trim and cabinetry was a little overwhelming for a small room. The floor certainly screamed "outdated" too.
With some good fortune in thrifting we were able to replace the shower, the sink, and toilet for a very good price. The medicine cabinet, light fixtures and door knob set all came from the Habitat For Humanity Re-Store in Ottawa. Marty painted the cabinets and trim white. The wall colour is called "Silk Moon."
This sweet faucet set came from Canadian Tire many years ago when they had a super discount store set up to get rid of old stock. I love it! Nice to finally be able to enjoy it.
The flooring was actually waiting for us when we moved in. There was a box of it in the basement and there was just enough to re-do the bathroom floor with one tile to spare. There is a little teal coloured fleck in it which is well-suited to the bathroom.

Now its fresh and clean and much more spacious feeling. My towels look very sad and tired next to all the new stuff. I'll have to watch for a good sale somewhere.


Ronna said...

What an improvement. Looks pretty spiffy!!

Sussie said...

I understand your feelings! We have a new bathroom as well and the one we had before with a bathtub made it feel so small. Now it´s spacious and all is so clean!
Good luck to you and enjoy your new shower-room!
I colourwashed my old towels and now they look like new ones. Maybe a good idea for you as well...?
Kind regards

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...


I found your blog during OWOH and bookmarked it because I wanted to revisit you once some of the dust had settled. I really enjoy reading your blog. It is fun and easy to read your daily posts.

Each day I spotlight a blog and I have chosen yours for tomorrow (Feb 25). Thanks for having such a great blog. And, yes, I've read all of your posts over the past two hours!


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