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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Junkin' Adventures

As I mentioned earlier I was privileged to spend a day exploring a friend's family cast-offs from years gone by. She pulled this box of pulp novels out of the loft of a small barn. The magazines were somewhat ravaged by rodents but the covers were great! Can you imagine buying the latest copy of "Ranch Romance" back in the 1940s? We pulled the funky covers off them and tossed the rest.
It was thrilling to find a box of old buttons, hidden away. Only a few were chewed by some hungry mouse. There were even a couple old Valentines.
There was an awesome Bible Text calendar from 1941 in almost perfect condition. Great graphics and fonts.

The tin toy garage is by Eagle Toys and made in Canada. The "automatic" door still works. I think the odd wired item to the left is the framework from an old bonnet.
It was fun, the weather grand, and the finds inspiring.


Wendy said...

Oh what fun finds. Do I see some gears in the bottom corner? I'm always looking for gears and old watch and clock parts...I must get out and do some searching now that the weather is better.

Debby said...

How fun, lots of treasures..

Michelle Palmer said...

Wonderful treasures! Adding buttons to a collection is a GREAT way to spend a day :)They're beautiful!
Hope your day is wonderful~


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