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Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Paper Love

Over the years, I have picked up little boxes here and there, intrigued by the original packaging, and other odd pieces of office supplies and paper items. No deliberate thought or plan. Just funky little bits and pieces.

It appears that the Dennison company is prolific in its catalogue of goods. The tiny boxes of goodies above are sure to make any home office complete and well-equipped. The boxed set of sewing notions was my grandmother's. The rest of the items are just finds from here and there.
Don't you just love the adorable tiny spools of thread? Some for darning, some cotton and some silk. You were ready for anything.
These are more recent finds. Perforated labels in yellow and crepe paper in its original packaging along with the mailer. What fun!
I was able to get this whole set of five instruction books also in its original mailing envelope for just $10. They are from the 1930s.
Yesterday the mail brought me one of the items I won through the One World On Heart blog giveaway. Kate Clawson assembled and stitched up the mailing envelope and made me this lovely heart mobile. I have it hanging in my studio. Thank you very much Kate. It's always a thrill to find pleasant surprises in the mailbox.


Susan Williamson said...

You always find such delicious stuff. I remember coveting those gummed Dennison labels as a child. I wasn't sure what to do with them. I just knew they were groovy!

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Dennison Stars and Crepe Paper - how I remember them... You could do such neat things with the Crepe Paper.... Now the stars are peel and stick... But how I remember the lick ones on our school paper - close to the mark I got.


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