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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Take A Seat

Odelia only has her two "older sisters" to take her cues from as far as doggie behaviour is concerned. Rosie likes to sleep in front of the wood stove and sit on the window seat in our room looking out the window. Gumdrop, likes to hang out under the bench at the back door and also likes to come visit at the end of a meal, hopping delicately onto the bench to say "hi". They are much smaller than Odelia. Odie thinks she is a lap dog.
Odie gives it her best effort to copy these behaviours with mixed results. You know when Odelia has been under the bench as you will find it in the middle of the room. Getting under it is easier than getting out from under it.

Chairs are her new accomplishment. A little tricky to get onto.
But once there, she can see what you see while working on the computer.
Staying up there is a little harder. No room for relaxing.


Jenny said...

Odelia is hilarious! What a goofball!

Linda said...

I love Odelia! This is darling.


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