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Sunday, May 16, 2010


After I took Aaron to market, Marty and I took a leisurely walk down our road. It was breezy and sunny, and everything appears to have awakened to the new season.
Our Lilacs are at their peak now. The air around them smells glorious. After our walk we decided a drive in the country was in order. Life has been so very busy lately. It was so nice to have nothing tugging at us for a few hours.
We stopped at one yard sale. The folks were moving. I saw this piece and opened the drawer thinking to myself that it was a most unusual tool cabinet. Once the drawer was opened I immediately recognised this as another dental cabinet!! Marty made some rumblings about not bringing any more furniture home, and wondered out loud where I might put it but I was not about to let this slip away!
Twenty dollars later, it was safely in the car and back home again. This cabinet had been recently spray painted black. It wasn't a good finish and I was sad to see that they just painted over the neat Bakelite handles. Marty took a drawer into the shop and tried stripping it.
The paint came off very easily as did the original blue finish underneath. He said we would have to repaint the whole thing, until he realised that the piece is made of solid Maple. I think I will just clear coat it and have the clear Maple set off the black handles and other details. Imagine, finding two dental cabinets less than a year apart! this one has wider drawers and will be used to house my special papers and flat stock. It may take a while but I will post the finished piece as soon as its done.

1 comment:

Heidi said...

wow amazing find for $20! yay! Want to see your other dental cabinet too!


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