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Monday, May 3, 2010

Stove Tales

A little while back my stove died. It was time to find another one to replace the dear old workhorse. We found something we liked and then the wait began. I had to go "old-school" and cook with a little imagination putting to use the old hotplate Marty used years ago when he first moved into this house and was re-doing the kitchen. Behind it you see the piece of tin I referred to in an earlier post. I wanted something special, and unique, to put behind the new unit when it arrived.

Well, here it is, finally. I've overexposed the picture so you can see a bit of the detail better. It's called a "slide-in" stove and has no back on it. That's why I got the old tin.
There are actually two pieces to fill the space behind properly. The faux stone tin is from what once surrounded the foundation of an old house, the other piece and curved edge piece gives the illusion of a back to the stove. Marty painted them with high temperature paint. The controls are a touch pad, much like and iPod Touch on the surface of the stove. I've had time to put it to serious use this weekend and it does a fine job indeed.

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dining table said...

When my stove bid farewell, it was hard for me since I know that it would be hard finding a new one that would suit our needs at home.


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