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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Merrickville Town Wide Yard Sale

Joshua and I arrived just after eight in the morning and the place was already hopping with people from all over the area. Even Ottawa! The weather was grand and the threat of thunderstorms didn't deter anyone. The storm arrived after we got home, around dinner time. The brass frames for file drawers and handles were a bargain at $3 for the lot.
What is a good day junking without coming home with at least one book. The two old Girl's books are in disrepair so there is no guilt in cutting them up. I love Kurelek's art and thought the biography would be interesting.
This was the day for suitcases, that's for sure! I love the faux wood grain on the tin.
We found a number of great pictures. The butterflies are Joshua's.
Another old tin lunch pail. It has an embossed star on the ends which makes it all the more charming. My dad used to have an old Torcan fan. On hot days he would put it up on the stereo console and it pushed a lot of air in those days before central air conditioning. Of course we were strongly warned against getting too close or being tempted to touch it while running as you would lose your fingers in the steel blade. So, as a kid I was mesmerized by the possibility of having my fingers chopped off while it ran, even if I was across the room! It was a scary item indeed! anyway, this brought back all kinds of memories. Marty was fascinated by it and immediately straightened it out and turned it on. Still a scary item. I just like the look of it and had no intention of actually using it!
On a lighter note, the music book states that "A home without music is like a house without windows."

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