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Monday, June 14, 2010

Friday Yard Sale

There was a yard sale on Friday last week and as I was in town anyway, I dropped in. The gentleman there was an avid and successful member of the Canadian Rifle Association and had a whole table of trophies from over the years. These were the ones that I picked up. Five will be heading to the Milkhouse.

This really gave me a start. Can you imagine a souvenir spoon this big? It's at least twelve inches!! The bowl is engraved as it was another award for good marksmanship. The fact that is from 1967 is why I bought it. That was the year my brother was born, Canada's centennial. Guess what he will be getting for Christmas or his birthday?
This poor old box has seen better days. It is missing one little bun foot and the inside needs help. I loved the Mother of Pearl in lay though. I have a few old wooden boxes from my grandmothers. I think this one will fit right in.

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