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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Great Mail. Beautiful Art.

Over at the Feathered Nest, Dawn shared a piece of work she had created. It was for sale. I fell in love with it but thought to myself, "You can make your own. " You certainly have all the stuff." Then I thought, no I would purchase it as it was truly lovely and isn't that what we all hope for when we put our work out there? That someone will like it enough to actually buy it?
Well, it arrived yesterday! Yes, the mail was full of goodies Friday.

This is just beautiful!!! I am so very thrilled with the piece. I'm going to get my long suffering husband to make a frame to mount it in so that dust will never be an issue.

The beautiful vintage thank you card that came with it must have slipped from the box when I took the collage out. A little while later, I noticed Odelia happily chewing on something. It was the envelope with a lovely note in it. I'm glad I found it before she ate the whole thing! Something about the old glue on paper goods that really attracts dogs!


Michelle Palmer said...

A treasure! Thank you for sharing~

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear sweet Jennifer, I'm so very glad that your parcel arrived safely! I'm also very thankful for you buying my artwork and that you are pleased with it ~ I would love to see a photo after you've placed it in it's frame sweet friend....and how funny your pup found my thank you note!! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead, hugs and love, Dawn

Debby said...

Hi Jennifer, it is a beautiful piece of art. Enjoy!!!!


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