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Friday, June 4, 2010

I Was Given A Little Gift From A Blogging Friend

Wendy over at Dragonfly Dreamers sent me an email announcing that she was sharing her beautiful blog award with me. I am honoured that she thought of me! I got to meet her and her friend Sheila at last year's Artist tour. They actually drove down here to say hello and visit the Milkhouse Gallery.
I am supposed to share ten things about myself with you. I'm not sure what would be worth saying but here goes:

I am a homebody.
My family is most important to me.
My three sons are my everlasting joy.
My friends are a great blessing.
I love living in the country!
I love the hunt for old treasures.
I love re-purposing those treasures into art.
I like order and routine.
I hate surprises.
There is nothing better than listening to the birds during the day and the frogs at night.

Five blogs that I would like to share this award with are:
Ronna's blog: A dear friend, Ronna has the most fascinating adventures and is a wonderful artist. She shares it all on her blog.
Sheila's blog: a friend of Wendy's and a most gifted artist. It was an honour to meet her last summer.
Jenny's Blog, In The Garden, is a lovely place to visit. In her quiet way she weaves magic with her plants and flowers.
Carmi's Art/Life World: Carmi makes cards and jewelry and so much more. She travels and has all manner of wonderful adventures to share in her daily posts.
Artopia Update is where a very special lady brings words and art and life together.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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