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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Random Shots

I stepped outside yesterday and saw our resident chipmunk stuffing his face with nuts from the nut block I put out for the birds. Upon closer inspection I noticed the little guy was inside the steel cage! I thought he had figured out that he could chew through the twist tie that I close it with but no, that was intact. I took a couple of pictures and as I got closer, he escaped! Right through the tiny open space in the cage!! He did have to tug a couple of times to get his hips through to make a clean getaway.
On my way to pick up Jacob yesterday, I stopped and took a shot of the all but complete Hippo's at Robert Turnbull's house. Okay, that doesn't sound odd at all...photo shoots of hippos in Spencerville Ontario!
I had a little time so I stopped in to the Homestead Gallery just south of Kemptville and got these shot of Mr. Turnbull's Giraffes. I met owner and sculptor Dave Leonard there. I absolutely love his carving of a whale. They showcase art by a number of local artists. It's a lovely place to visit. So much to see.
This is an old fireplace insert I saw at a recent yard sale. I love the way it looks like a fine old building.


Debby said...

Fun post!! Love the fireplace insert.

Ronna said...

I can't believe chippy got in there. Amazing!

The Feathered Nest said...

You just can't be upset about that adorable chipmunk eating the bird food can you??? What a clever little guy...hugs and love, Dawn


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