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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Okay, Just a Few More Parting Shots

I showed you a little of Marc Clarke's kinetic garden sculpture in an earlier post this week. Here are a couple of his little sculptures. One swings back and forth, the other spins. I would love to have one of his full-sized pieces in my yard. They are fabulous!
Rue Royale Cast Stone is the magical world of Douglas MacDonald. I bought this tiny bird from him this year. Large or small, each piece is special.
Here are three pieces we acquired over the last many years of attending Art in the Garden. They can be used outdoors but work nicely inside as well.
These are a few "souvenirs" from the out trip to the quarry. The place was totally clear but for a pile of crushed rock in one spot, where you can park and walk around. I guessed they were there for the taking.

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