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Friday, June 25, 2010

Cottage Weekend Getaway-Parting Shots

I purchased this at the Kiwi Gardens Art in the Garden Tour from Dog Bite Steel. It is cut from an old oil tank. It makes me smile. We call him Morty.
On our way home we passed Rideau Antiques & Canadianna. They are closed on Sundays but I hope to someday be passing that way again and get a chance to see the inside! I hear it is just as full indoors as out.
I also read about the Silver Queen Mica Mine and as it was on the way home we thought we might check it out. Unfortunately it was cosed to t he public for another couple of weeks when the guided tours begin. We drove out to walk around but were driven off by hoards of Deer Flies wanting to take chunks out of our flesh. Maybe another time.
We got home, filled with lots of good memories of our little adventures and truly tired.
(Odelia on her new bed, a recent yard sale bargain.)

I think there should always be a two day buffer after any kind of "vacation" long or short. One to unpack and get the laundry done , the other to put your feet up and catch your breath before plunging into a new week!


Jenny said...

That is some pillow that Odie has! Is she now Princess Odelia?

Susan Williamson said...

I've heard of the Silver Queen Mica Mine. One of these days I'd like to check it out. Thanks for the link and the fab photos.


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