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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weekend Getaway: Omya Quarry Lookout

In the Perth Tour Guide I found a little note referring to the Omya Calcium Carbonate Quarry Lookout. Free and promising to be worth the drive, Marty and I headed out after the Kiwi Gardens Tour. First we took a wrong turn and got lost and it started to rain-heavily! Once we turned around we found our way and were not disappointed. Lots of twisty-turny roads later, we drove into a clearing and there it was!
It was breathtaking!!!
As an open pit quarry it simply takes your breath away. It is so vast and deep!!
Apparently it is expected to produce for another hundred years!
It certainly was unlike anything I had seen before.
If you look carefully in the centre of the picture you can see turquoise water at the bottom of the pit.

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