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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HOT Summer Days- Tiny Gifts

It's been 45 degrees Celsius (with the humidity) outside for two days now. That's114 Fahrenheit! All but unbearable. So, as no one is moving about much here are some small things to sooth your mind and please you eye.

This web is not much bigger than a Toonie, less than three inches across, nestled in the grass, its tiny owner still working away on it.
This is the largest Toad we see around our property. He prefers to be left alone. Can you blame him? So many bugs, so little time.
Monday morning, when I stepped out to drive Jacob to work, this perfect little nest was just sitting on the ground. It looks unused too. Beautifully made, I will add it to my collection.

And to satisfy a tiny need for fresh, sweet strawberries, a mini shortcake. I made up a bunch of little biscuits yesterday as we have company coming this morning. Aren't they cute? Tasty too.
Stay cool Everyone.


Ronna said...

Love the face on the toad. What a cutie!

Susan Williamson said...

Oh I love these visual treasures and finishng it off with a mini strawberry shortcake? Just perfect!

Barbara Jean said...

Love the nest. Not sure about the frog though. =)


barbara jean


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