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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Little Antique Book

This little book (only 3x4.5") makes for some enjoyable reading. Besides the glorious feel of the ancient paper with the letters pressed into it, there are amusing samples of letters to write for any occasion a person might find him or herself in.

For instance, "From a gentleman to a young lady of superior fortune."
Or, "From a young man who had eloped from his apprenticeship, to his father, desiring him to intercede with is Master to take him again into his service."
And here is a situation we may all find ourselves in: "The Earl of Stafford to his son, just before his Lordship's execution."

Or, lastly, "From a young Lady to a gentleman that courted her, whom she could not esteem, but was forced by her parents to receive his visits and think on none else for her husband."
The 1840s seemed to be a complex time for folks, socially speaking.

The final letter sample is called "Female Ingenuity." Click to enlarge so you can read it for yourself. Then read the first line and every other line after that.

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Barbara Jean said...

wonderful book
thanks for sharing it.

thanks for visiting my place too.Keep counting those clocks!


barbara jean


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