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Monday, July 19, 2010

A Little Thrifting

While running about on Saturday and again today we had occasion to stop at a yard sale and pop into Goodwill to look around.(- two trips to Brockville today alone! as the local license bureau was closed for vacation -can you imagine an civil servant taking time off, when it's my hubby's birthday and he is on vacation and needs to get his plates updated?!)
At the yard sale I found a fun package of Red Willow napkins and a pair of matching candles, never used and made in Denmark- heading for the Milkhouse. I also picked up the authentic Moroccan Fez. Aaron was thrilled with it due something relating to a Dr. Who episode.
Goodwill turned up a few little well-priced treasures. The antique photos of a little girl are sweet. I'm going to put paintbrushes or the like into the old toffee crock. It was cheap as it had no lid.
Here are a couple of more modern silhouettes waiting to be cleaned up and tucked into the Milkhouse. The yellow bunny planter will also look good in some one's studio with paintbrushes or markers in it. It will hop off to the Milkhouse too.

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