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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Meals

With the boys all gathered under one roof again, meals are a more serious issue again. However, with the heat outside I don't much feel like spending hours in the kitchen.
Above is a potato salad I made for a get together for a friend. I cannot eat raw onions and the like so I make mine with red baby potatoes, a splash of apple cider vinegar, celery, a chopped up apple wit the skin left on, some hard boiled eggs, and either bits of bacon or cooked chicken. Easy, peasy.
There was a woman at the Brockville market who sold fresh/frozen lamb. It was wonderful!!! It was her last day this past Saturday. Her fresh meat beat anything you could find at the grocery store. Aaron and I especially enjoyed it. Marty, not his fave, but he did like the Oriental lamb meatball dish I've made several times. Another easy meal-in-a-pot.
My favourite lunch-time snack is taking some leftover veggies, broccoli esp. and placing some on a piece of toast, with a little mustard, topping it off with some jalapeƱo Havarti and tucking it under the broiler for a bit. Works great with tuna too. Quick and simple, and gets the job done.

Our property is filled with wild raspberries and the birds and critters just love them! Fresh fruit is the best part of summer. Purely enjoyable, no cooking necessary.


Ronna said...

The meals look fab!

Mitzi Curi said...

I think Mother Nature's greatest accomplishment is the raspberry. I love to eat a bowl of sliced peaches with a handfull of raspberries and just a pinch of sugar. Heaven!


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