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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Market Day Part 2

As we had other things to do in Brockville after Aaron was done at the market, we hung out with him for the morning. We wandered around the market, then we wandered down main street, then we wandered down to the marina. There was a lot to look at.
There was no shortage of produce to choose from. This broccoli is as big as your head. Four times what you find in the grocery store, and only $1.50 if you chose two items. The other item chosen is a lime cauliflower. Tastes just like regular cauliflower, but a funky colour.
The young lady next to Aaron has been bringing strawberries for the last few weeks and this weekend she had my all time fave- Raspberries. Aaron bought me a little basket of them.
The weather was at first muggy, then it cleared briefly and simply turned HOT. It was a long morning. Once home my little bouquet of Zinnias was looking somewhat haggard. I'm hoping they perk up overnight in their fresh jar of water.

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