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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bees, Books, And Birdcages

Well the flowers are only a little more upright after all hat rain but that hasn't slowed down the bees or our resident hummingbird. The front garden is just buzzing with activity.

If you want to see some awesome photos of bees at work and learn more about keeping them then you must heck out Sam's blog, Bee Crazy. It's amazing!
Joshua helped me add a few new items to the Milkhouse recently too.

I wrapped up over a hundred tiny bundles of stamps for sale. Each bundle contains 100 of the same stamp and they can be used for great backgrounds or other collage projects.
I finally got all the art books out there too. Three boxes of them.
Joshua hung these bird cages up for me. This required a ladder. His specialty.


Ronna said...

Your shop should be in New York City. Or at the very least, Toronto!! You'd sell out.

Wendy said...

Oh books. How much do you sell your books for?


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