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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Funny Things You Find At Goodwill

We were in Brockville today to run some errands. Of course we stopped at Goodwill. Over the years, each of the boys had expressed a deep longing for a bean bag chair. We always looked into it and decided the novelty didn't warrant the cost.
Well today was different. There was the biggest, best quality bean bag chair was had ever seen! Ten bucks! Joshua bought it.

Getting it into the car was interesting. From the well-squished item we purchased, it took two people to push the generously proportioned orb into the back seat of the car. No way it was going to fit into the trunk. After a careful drive home, we removed it.
The dogs were pretty impressed. It is so densely stuffed it is more like a chair than a bean bag.
Here it is, in a totally relaxed state at home. I do believe it is still growing!

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Anonymous said...

I love beanbags!!!!


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