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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Saturday Mornings

This past Saturday found me at home instead of at the market. Aaron had other things on his plate so hubby and I had time to relax and just spend a little time together. That included a few yard sales.
It was a good morning, turning up a few neat items. I found two vintage suitcases and a smaller box.
One of my favourites is a small tapestry. It is embroidered "France" on the back. I must get Marty to make a frame for it sometime.
This hefty item is the original Dymo-labeler! It still works too and takes half inch label tape. Funky! With the labeler are four antique quilt clamps. They will be very handy, cleaned up and put to use in my studio.
These skeins looked so neat piled in a bag. More than thirty in all. The labels are very pleasing too. They are off to the Milkhouse.

I love old packaging. I have little baking related items tucked in here and there in my kitchen Hoosier amongst the more practical items. It makes me smile when I open a door and there is a little flash from the past to greet me.

Lastly I came across some vintage yardage. It is so very 1970s but the lime green is so now. There were old hankies, a charm bracelet from New Brunswick that spells out "Sweetheart" and a spool of the most sheer, wide blue ribbon.
The weather was lovely and we had fun exploring parts of Brockville we have never been to.
Back to the old routine next Saturday.

1 comment:

Susan Williamson said...

Ooooh ...the yard sales. You lucky duck! You obviously live in a more interesting area than I do. About the most interesting things I've found around here are old Barbies. (Love the cupcake box).
P.S. I got anchorma as my word verification. Kind of suits you I think.


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