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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Single Yard Sale

I would bet that many of you out there who frequent yard sales and the like have noticed that each year there is something that repeatedly jumps out at you, everywhere you go.
One year it may be cookie jars, another ice buckets or buttons (my personal favourite). Well this year it seems to be suitcases. I found this lovely couple after 1PM on the way home from the market with Aaron.
I adore the Moire interior of the smaller one. Here is also a curtain I picked up. There are three panels and they are very long,(and lined) so when we finally do find a place to live and move, I plan to put these into service in my dining room.
This worn silver hairbrush is engraved with some one's initials.
This is an unfinished pillow cover. I love how it says "Sunshine and Pansies." (blogger flipped it again.)
This is the neat label inside the larger suitcase.


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Great suitcases.... also love the pillow cover.


Mya.L said...

I wish I could go to yard sales with you!


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