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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tiny Surprises

Joshua came across this wee little Peeper while working outside last weekend.

When I was much younger, our home backed onto a swamp. It was great. There were all kinds of neat things to see and discover back there. I used to like to catch the little tree frogs. I took a simply built bird feeder I had and added screen to the sides in hopes of containing my collection of tree frogs. Naturally I wanted to keep them in my bedroom. Wouldn't you?
Ultimately they all escaped and my father found them gathered around the toilet in the bathroom, looking for the water they lived near, I expect. Needless to say it was a short-lived experiment but I have never lost my appreciation for the little guys.
This fellow is no bigger than your thumb nail!
Looking out the front door yesterday I was enjoying a hummingbird flitting about the garden. I got a couple of pictures but blogger is flipping them and they look tres silly sideways so I removed them. Sorry. It was really enjoying the Geraniums in the window boxes and the tall heritage Impatiens I have growing everywhere in the front garden.

Here is an industrious spider in his perfect web. The sun was just right and it looked very much as though he was floating in the air. I don't much care for spiders but do love to see their beautiful webs.

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