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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beautiful Rust

Metal has an appeal all its own. Sturdy, featherlight or heavy. Age and weather does much to improve its appeal. These tintypes aren't perfect but there is enough of the image to make them perfect for art projects.
I posted this years ago. Marty and Joshua created a number of these "yard balls" from barrel hoops. We've had so very much rain the past couple of summers but they are holding up nicely.
Look familiar? It's not the same one I painted recently. Joshua found this at the local dump. Cracked at the back just like the first piece I bought at a yard sale, I am looking forward to putting this one to use too. Love the detail!
This is barbed wire I found along one of our fence lines. I am thinking I might like to tighten it up a bit and turn it into a wreath. Do I paint it or leave it? I'm torn.

1 comment:

Sheila Cain-Sample said...

Me I would leave it, I love the rust.


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