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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dog Shots

It's been a while since I posted anything of the dogs. The cooler weather is perfect for running and carrying about your favourite ball. Unfortunately this treasure is not allowed in the house, so Odelia keeps a good grip on it outside. The soccer ball reminds me of a big Christmas ornament.
When Odelia finds something special, like an empty tissue roll, she will carry it around until you notice and then given the okay, will make it her own.
Or at least chew it well and then take a nap.
She still thinks she is a lap dog.
And sometimes she and Rosie agree to disagree and nap together. At least this way they can keep an eye on each other.


Sheila said...

Oh they are the cutest and Odelia doesn't mind being that close to Rosie's mouth? Brave. There is something about sleeping babies and puppies...it's peaceful I guess.

Jenny said...

Odie is such a character! Just makes you smile.


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