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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hot Days, Indoor Projects

This week I have had the clarity of mind and the time to attack a few long awaited projects. Little things that just require time to complete. No running around in the car this week. Amazing what you can do if you stay home!I moved a collection of vintage trinket boxes to the Milkhouse. Even got inspired and rearranged things out there too.

I can't believe the summer is all but over and autumn is just around the corner. Only a couple more months of the Milkhouse being open before the cold weather forces the doors closed for another year.
I spent some time assembling dozens of new photo cards; sorted through my collection of cabinet cards and put those out too.
It took an afternoon to put together all these vintage/antique book board bundles for sale.

And here is another box of wondrous glass slides, this time song lyrics, added to the shoppe.

This is Jacob's last week at home before he moves back to college Labour Day weekend, so there are a number of little things to do before the end of the week.
We are expecting some very special guests in about a month. So much to do to get ready. More on that later. Hope the rest of your week is a good one.

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