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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Christmas In August!?

The Boys and I were off to Brockville to run a few errands today. I was hoping the heat would have abated by now but no, it's still stinkin' hot out there. Time is running out before Jacob leaves for college so today was it.

On the way home I noticed what appeared to be a couple of Christmas trees out by the road. There are often items by the road at this particular place but this time I couldn't ignore what I saw. When we got home, I mentioned it to the boys but they claimed to have seen nothing.
After lunch, Joshua went back to check and sure enough, he returned, tree in trunk! What I had seen was the tree in pieces.
So, here it is. TaDa! An eight foot tree, in my living room, in August. The lights worked and the two branches that had come off are there too (behind on the end table). I love it. Not the kind of tree that you would hang ornaments all over but it sure brings a cool, festive feel to the living room don't you think? No, I'm not too sure of what to do with it next. For now, I'll just enjoy it. I'm guessing Marty will want me to pack it away until it really is Christmas.

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