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Sunday, September 5, 2010

How We All Love Cool, Breezy Days!

Things seem to be winding down a little around here. There is a peaceful wave of calm that has blown in. It's nice. Perhaps it is because the activity of getting Jacob back to school is behind us. Or maybe it's just because it is a long weekend. Whatever it is, it is very nice.
The dogs have enjoyed some crazy running around in the yard. Marty and Joshua are puttering in the workshop on the tractor.
I took these pics of flowers along the driveway of one of the yard sales we went to yesterday. Great swaths of yellow, tossed about by the wind. Lovely. I must remember this for our next home, should we actually have a lane-way.

I pulled the last of what was in our sad little veggie garden out for lunch and tossed it all in a skillet to cook down and added it to some egg noodles with a little drizzle of brown butter and some Mizithra cheese (hard ripened ricotta made from sheep milk). Light and casual.
Enjoy your weekend.

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