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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Saturday Jaunt

This morning found Marty heading off to Belleville with Jacob to get him settled into his new residence for this year of college. The car was filled to the brim so I had to stay behind this time around.

Joshua and I planned to hit three nearby yard sales and get back home to continue with our day. It was like we were trapped in a bad dream as we had no luck finding the first two and ended up back home again before heading in a different direction. We even found ourselves out near Merrickville today. Not in the plans at all. No biggie. It was cool and oh so windy, with the sun bouncing in and out of the clouds. No rain.

So, above you see a few very old and worn children's books as well as a very old illustrated family Bible that is in several pieces. The prints and etchings inside are wonderful! The hangars are totally funky and the pile of pressed flower stickers was a real bargain. I couldn't pass up the Roseville plant pot for only a dollar. The little silhouettes are hand painted and need a little TLC.

Here is my favourite find for the day. This old quilt rack has a secret.
It expands to twice its size. Here I have pulled it apart a little so you get the idea.
I love the different shapes that oil cans come in.
The old tobacco box is in great shape still and the little wooden chess set is very finely made. Two old photos and a few pins round out the morning.
I hope Everyone has a great long weekend!

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