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Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Young Swiss Family

Kathrin came to us from Switzerland 15 years ago. She was already a lovely, poised young woman back then. She was a blessing and a joy to our family that year and we have been so very fortunate to have kept in touch all these long years since.

She has always referred to us as her Canadian parents and Canadian brothers as we have referred to her as our Swiss daughter. That makes her husband our Swiss son-in-law. He didn't seem to mind at all.
Now all grown up and married with a dear little girl of her own, it was a real treat to have them come all this way for a visit. Her husband, Daniel was a delight too.
Gumdrop was not so sure about the new addition to the household that week, so she kept clear of everyone. Odelia however was on high alert for all sounds and smells that might come from this tiny person. If the baby was up, Odelia was right there, making sure all was well.
Rosie only gave Lea a cursory check and then determined that this kid would offer no food opportunities and therefore was not worth any further attention.

One of my favourite pictures, of Kathrin singing a Swiss song to Lea, at the cottage.

This little sweetie is a true outdoors kind of girl, after her dad. Here she is, all happy to be "outside," holding the front door to the cottage open while watching the sun go down.
She also traveled so well on all the flights back and forth during their trip too. After her mom.

It was a great week.

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