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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Upper Canada Village - Wallpaper

One of the things that struck me were the variety of wallpaper designs that graced many of the homes in the village. The furniture was fabulous too. Like this hat rack in the Lutheran Minister's home.
I think this was from the same home. Yellow is such a cheery colour. And who doesn't enjoy seeing all the neat bits and pieces on the shelves?
This was in the doctor's house.
This paper too. You cannot walk all the way into some of the rooms so I did my best with the pictures.
Pretty graphic for the 1860s. It would make a statement even today.
Thanks for dropping by. Have a great day!


WW said...

I love how eloquently people used to decorate their houses, from the wallpapers, the ceilings, the trim and wood to the outside of the houses and paint colors.
You don't see that much customization anymore.

Mya.L said...

... and a hat stand like that too!


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