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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yard Sale Finds

Having a wonderful time here, catching up with our "Swiss daughter." Her ten week old baby girl is a darling and her husband a delight. A week really isn't nearly long enough but we are making the most of every minute.
On Saturday Joshua and I headed off to the grocer store for a few last minute items for our guests. On the way we stopped at a couple of yard sales. At one I found a little box of brass stencils. Only the letter "I" is missing. Pretty good for a quarter.

I also picked up this souvenir plate from Niagara Falls. I love the vintage almost primitive paintings of the falls. Another quarter.

The other yard sale we visited had the most lovely items, many way to beyond my reach but enjoyable to see anyway. I love the New York perpetual calendar. The Dachshund is actually a letter opener.
The small globe on a base and Durer's rabbit in a "Flambe" glaze were also finds there. The Rabbit has a broken ear that I will reattach soon.

Enjoy your day, Everyone!

1 comment:

Mitzi Curi said...

That set of brass stencils is great! They will be fun to play around with......

Thanks for the decorating suggestions (left on my blog). You really have some lovely ideas. I'm excited to make some changes!


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