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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bark Cloth

This is the bark cloth Joshua and I came across while poking about on Friday. The curtains are 84" long and look as though they have never been used.
The design is striking on the black background. I'm hanging on to them in case they will fit nicely in my new studio, after we move. I love the trees and little shots of red.
When we get to the new house, unfortunately there is no place for my deal little Milkhouse Gallery to exist. We did try ever so hard to find a place that would accommodate it however, that was not to be. Things change, and we must, right along with them. So, that means that some of the larger items, like this steamer trunk will be listed on Kijiji and the word is out, they must be sold. So too, my cream separators and milk cans. If you are nearby, and are interested, let me know. I hope to put the smaller stuff on Etsy, as I have time.
~I'll have a shot or two of the house on Tuesday, once the details are finalized. Details, details.

1 comment:

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Yes, things change and we must. Glad it looks like you have a place.


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