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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Funny Things Happen When You Are Looking At Houses

As you may recall, I headed up to Belleville last Friday to look at a few houses that looked promising. Well, the Realtor picked me up at the train and we began our day of driving about and getting to know each other. We actually had a lot of fun. Marty has already spent many an hour with this young lady looking all over the area for the past seven months.
Long story short, we did find a home we are both excited about and are in the process of looking after all the details. I'll have pictures once things are more solid. You know how these things go.

One of the places we visited had recently held an auction. When we got there, the garage had boxes of items, obviously not sold, labeled "Dump."
(I think folks should really not just toss things but donate away to the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army and give others the chance to make use of them.)
There were some very respectable items in those boxes! I asked if we could take a peek and my Realtor made the necessary calls and we were given permission to take what we wanted. Who knew you could go junking while searching for a home? The jars above are the first thing I chose. They washed up very nicely and sparkle now.
I found two of these Christmas plates so we both got one of these and I loved the bright green transfer design on the bowl. Wont it be lovely filled with veggies at dinner?
I thought this was a wooden cheese barrel but it turns out to be from an electrical supply company.
There of course were boxes of books. I chose these. There were a few other odd bits. What fun! And all for free.
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