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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Saturday's Finds

This past Saturday found us at a garage sale in Brockville. In spite of the cold and the rain, they even advertised free hot apple cider. Who wouldn't want to visit such a place? I cannot pass up an old book and this one offered a lovely surprise.
It holds a collection of first day covers from 1937. All the stamps appear the same at first glance, but each envelope is from a different country in the British Commonwealth. How cool is that?
There were also a number of envelopes tucked inside, each labeled with a different country and filled with stamps. The most interesting find in there was a folded page of stamps from Japan. The paper they are attached to is hand painted.
Don't you just swoon over the handwriting on some of the envelopes?
I also picked up a bundle of delicate little crocheted doilies.

Hope you are enjoying a good week.


Marcia said...

I want to go yard sale-ing with YOU!

Jenny said...

The handwriting on the middle envelope really is wonderful. And the other letter is addressed to Buckingham Palace - wonder what the story is there?

Susan Williamson said...

When David was a little boy, he used to say "Mewantum" when he saw something he wanted. That word(s) popped into my mind when I saw the stamps and the handwriting because I've always had a weakness for both.


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