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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little Pretty Things

This was a recent find. These antique cut steel beads are in perfect shape. Often they are rusty. The pink glass beads came in a funky old tobacco tin.
This was a belt for some long since forgotten dress. Not perfect but lovely.
I love bead hanks. They often still sold this way. I love they way they feel in your hand.

We had some snow today, but nothing that stayed on the ground. While the rest of North America is gearing up for All Hallows Eve, we put up the Christmas garlands outside. (I much prefer to get these things done before the temperature drops too much.)
Girl week begins tonight! Denise should be here any time now.
I'll post when I have time this week. I'm sure there will be a few adventures to share with you.


Sussie said...

Great findings!
Happy Halloween!

Mya.L said...

I really have to visit you one day (Canada is on my list) and rummage through all your beautiful finds! Regarding millinery trimmings, it was just in case you had some in stock (I love cut steel beads, especially when in such perfect condition).

Marlene said...

Nice! I know how you love texture. Have a great girls week.


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