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Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Is It They Say About Making Plans?

When the week began, the house was tidy and pretty clean and I was looking forward to a little creative catch-up time.
I was even going to begin a little Christmas baking to tuck into the freezer.
However, as often happens things don't go as planned.
So, I changed gears and spent my time on other things demanding my attention.
So, tomorrow I am on an early train to Belleville to look at a few houses that seem promising.
Time to get some rest and prepare for a long day.

~Photos taken by Joshua recently when he was out playing with the dogs.

We had six very well-loved basketballs that the dogs played with outside. none of them held air anymore but that was fine with them. All the better to hold onto. One morning we woke to find them ALL missing. Gone. Nowhere on the property anymore. Sort of silly. They are just old broken balls, but they were the dogs' toys. Thankfully we came across a few at Goodwill recently and that week or two of having nothing to chase is behind them. Who does that? Steals old balls? Anyway, the dogs are pretty good at helping put them away when it is time to come in now.

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