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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catalogue Shopping, Eaton's Style

I purchased this catalogue recently and it arrived yesterday. I love looking at what was being sold back in the 1920s. You could get almost anything from an Eaton's catalogue!
A total surprise was the extra catalogue added to my package. How thrilling. Twice the fun.
Here are some spring coats for the fashionable lady in 1926.
I wish I could shop from these for my curtain fabric for the new house. The dates are right on. Yummy Bark cloth in the upper left corner.
Sorry, blogger flipped this picture. Here are your drapery options for the 1920s. Gorgeous.

Have a great day, Everyone!


Susan Williamson said...

Gosh, this brings back memories ...not of the 1920s of course or even 1941-42, but I remember how excited I was when the Eaton's and Simpson's catalogues arrived before Christmas.

Jenny said...

We always got the Eaton's and Simpson's catalogues and the big treat at Christmas was that we got to pick out a special doll that we would get as a gift. Oh, the decision to make!


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