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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Feeling Pulled In Many Directions?

Joshua playing tug-o'-war with Odelia and Gumdrop.

Aaron and I enjoyed a pleasant train ride to Belleville on Friday, where Marty picked us up and we headed off to the house in Brighton. It was snowing here when we left but just cold at the other end.
We spent many hours measuring everything in the house and taking a closer look at what will fit, what wont, what needs to be done, how we might actually do it, etc.

I did take a lot of pictures but most are pretty boring. Just empty rooms. Not much to look at. They will make good "before and after" pics though. Eventually.

Then, back to Belleville to do a wee bit of shopping (we don't have a Chapters in the Brockville/Prescott area) and and then a little visit with Jacob at Loyalist. It was almost eleven when we finally got home.

Saturday brought new customers to the shoppe. They were here to pick up my old steamer trunk which I used to hold items for sale. No room for that in the new house so I hope that the new owner will get years of enjoyment and service from it. As the Milkhouse is not heated, and technically closed now, they were quite chilly but still found other little treasures to take home.
Thank you!!

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