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Friday, January 14, 2011

Making Progress

Please take note: the empty space on the shelf. I am working through each shelf and drawer etc., removing that which I no longer need nor think I will use anytime soon.
When you find a great item for a quarter you buy it. You find a number of great items over the years, they add up. Then you compare your finds, picking out the very best ones, and let go of the rest. No walls of built-in bookcases in the new place. Smaller studio too. Or should I say, cozier?

I have been piling stuff on Aaron's bed. Out of the way and an easy place to dump things. Today we took a trunk load to Goodwill, that is after a good friend dropped by and helped reduce the pile. Always nice to see things go to a good home and inspire fresh ideas from a fellow artist.

I have set aside a few items that I think might be good to list on Etsy. I guess I've started my spring cleaning early.
How is your week going?

1 comment:

Wendy said...

Oh those old books look interesting. I'll be watching for them in your shop.


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