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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Fun

It may be cold outside but the dogs don't seem to care. They look forward to a little "ball time" every day.
When Odelia doesn't want to let go, she wont. Here, she is getting some air with a little help from Joshua.

What Gumdrop lacks in sheer strength, she makes up for in agility. They tugged and pulled this ball all the way to the back of the yard!

Marty was pleased to find the tractor started, in the cold, on the first try. He will miss "his baby" when we move to the new house. No need for such equipment there.
Joshua taking his tractor out for a spin too. Guys!

Hope you have all been cozy, enjoying a pleasant weekend. I have pulled a pile of books from the shelves and more stuff from the basement to get rid of. The local "FreeCycle" group has been a good place to relocate items we wont be bringing with us. So far, two dressers, a captain's bed, two computer systems and a toilet have found new homes.

1 comment:

Joshua said...

I was clearing snow! it wasn't JUST for fun >_>


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